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Cellular Confinement

Geoweb Load Support System


Geoweb to build an access road

The Geoweb Load Support System is a three dimensional structure that confines fill materials to create load supporting pavements for various applications. The system is particularly effective in creating load bearing structures over soft or unstable subgrades. The “geocell” technology is based on advanced cellular confinement research, product development and many years of in-ground experience.

The Geoweb Load Support System is able to utilize lower cost granular material like sand and pitrun gravel. Through confinement, the system dramatically increases the strength of the materials and load carrying capacity. Granular quantity requirements can be significantly reduced in comparison to unreinforced roadway sections and other approaches.

The system is a series of polyethylene strips ultrasonically welded together to create the cellular confinement structure. Various Geoweb cell sizes are available to suit design requirements including nominal diameters of 240 mm or 300 mm and various depths (75 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, or 200 mm). The Geoweb Load Support system includes the latest improvements in cellular confinement technology in terms of textured surfaces for increased friction and perforations for lateral drainage. The ATRA Key connection system has been developed to quickly and effectively connect Geoweb sections together both side to side and end to end through slots built into the Geoweb cell walls. Anchorage systems are available for sloped applications including tendons and ATRA Anchors.

A Layfield geotextile or Layfield high strength geotextile may also be designed and placed under the Geoweb system as a separation layer as part of the system to satisfy design requirements.

Applications of Geoweb Load Support include haul and site access roadways, porous pavements, parking lots, boat ramps, low level stream crossings, spread footings for retaining walls, trench invert stabilization for sewer lines and pipelines, and stabilized drainage layers. Technical support and project specific evaluations are available for product recommendation and design.

Geoweb and ATRA are registered trademarks of Presto Products Company.

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