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GeoDetect Strain Monitoring System


GeoDetectThe GeoDetectR Monitoring System is a sensor enabled system for monitoring soil structures. The system consists of geocomposite fabric, fiber optics, instrumentation and software to providing monitoring of strain and/or temperature. Each strip of the GeoDetect “S” material is 1 m wide X 10 m long and includes eleven sensors inserted onto two special optical fibers embedded onto the GeoDetect strip approximately one metre apart. The tensile strength of this material is 37 KN/m in the machine direction.  Benefits of this system include providing assurance that designed geosynthetic materials are meeting expected performance requirements, early warning of changes in performance or conditions, provides measurements to help judge whether a geotechnical design is overly conservative and can be redesigned for savings to the owner, provides a means to utilize geosynthetics in new applications, and monitoring of critical high value structures. Project applications include retaining walls, embankments, slopes, levees, roads, railway, tailings pond dikes, landfills and pipelines. The GeoDetect “S” system can measure strain to resolution as low as 0.02% with a spatial resolution of 0.5 m.  Layfield can also provide other types of GeoDetect material in 600 metre long rolls with suitable instrumentation for large scale monitoring projects.

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