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Layfield Wire Mesh Wall


Layfield Wire Mesh Wall - Mechanically Stabilized Earth ( MSE or RSS) wall

Layfield Wire Mesh Wall is a mechanically stabilized earth (MSE or RSS) wall system with galvanized wire mesh panel (forms) for facing and geogrids for soil reinforcement. This system is recommended for permanent or temporary retaining walls with wall inclination between 70 degrees to vertical. The specified slope may be constructed by means of the panels being fabricated with the required slope or by stepping the panels back at each level. The zone next to the inside front face of the facing is filled with durable rockfill which is backed by geotextile to separate the rockfill from the rest of the reinforced backfill material. The geogrid soil reinforcement is delivered to site in rolls and cut to length on site to suit the design length requirements.
The dimensions of the panel section are nominally 450 mm X 450 mm X 3000 mm or 1.35 square metres per panel front face area measured on the slope. Wire struts with hooks are attached from the top to the rear back end of the forms to maintain alignment of the facing.
Retaining walls are usually constructed in areas to save space. Typically the structure delivers advantages in right of way and reduced space that could not be achieved with slopes and embankments. Applications include retaining walls for highways, industrial, mining structures, residential developments, arch culvert end treatments, railways, commercial developments and temporary walls for detours and bridge applications.
For vegetated type walls or slopes with wire mesh or other facing materials, see ENVIROSLOPE.

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