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Enviro Liner 3000


The Enviro Liner® 3000 series of geomembranes are economical lining materials made from blended/reprocessed resins selected for optimum performance at the lowest cost. Enviro Liner® 3000 products are intended for use in non-hazardous geomembrane applications such as seepage control, water containment, short-term protective covers, soil remediation pads, and temporary containments. Enviro Liner® 3000 materials can be prefabricated for most applications into large pieces. Many projects will use a single-piece liner to speed construction. Prefabricated liners are also ideal for installation by contractors, owners, or agricultural operators.

The Enviro Liner® 3000 series are the most economical member of Layfield's Enviro Liner® group of products. The Enviro Liner® 3000 series is an excellent choice for temporary storage of contaminated soils, such as remediation projects. Enviro Liner® 3000 materials are offered for sale without a warranty.

For critical applications, such as the secondary containment of chemicals, or where a warranty is required, we recommend the use of our Enviro Liner® 4000 series geomembrane material.

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