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Spring Berms


Layfield Spring Berm Being Tested at TRI

Layfield Spring Berms are used in channels and ditches to reduce the flow velocity of run-off water helping to prevent erosion and retaining sediment. Layfield Spring Berms are pop up berms that are made from a tubular fabric body with skirts extending from both upstream and downstream sides for anchoring the barrier to the ground. A helical metal spring in the body keeps the round body shape.

The product is initially delivered in a compressed state and held in a compact condition by clips. When compressed the Spring Berm is very compact and is easy to transport. The nominal dimensions of the product when installed are 12” diameter by 6’ long, with a 18 inch skirt on each side. The fabric is wrapped over the metal spring and is designed to slow down the flow velocity of water in the channel. Best results are obtained when the Spring Berm is combined with a Layfield erosion control blanket.

To quantify performance of our Spring Berms a man made test channel was built to test this product and simulate its performance in the field. The channel was a shape of a trapezoid with 2’ wide bottom and 2:1 side slopes. The channel was 40’ long and graded to 5% slope. Multiple units of Layfield Spring Berms were deployed in the test channel. Flow measurements were done along the length of the channel every 5’ intervals. Full-scale testing demonstrated the ability of the SpringBerm system to provide stable "check structure" performance under both low (0.5 cfs) and high (1.75 cfs) flow conditions.

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