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Aqua Dam Flood Control


This house is protected from flooding by a Flood Control Aqua Dam. Aqua Dams can be used to rapidly create flood control dikes.Flood control is a unique use for the "Water Controlling Water" properties of our Aqua Dam products. In flood control applications the available flood waters are used to fill Aqua Dams to create an impermeable barrier. This impermeable barrier can be placed along rivers, around individual buildings, along roads and to protect other valuable infrastructure.

Aqua Dam tubes are 10 times faster to install than sandbag dikes and take far fewer people. This allows emergency response officials to concentrate volunteers on high visibility areas while using Aqua Dams to protect large areas from flooding. Aqua Dams are also cheaper than sandbags, typically only 25% of the cost to install a similar sandbag dike. Aqua Dam also is inexpensive to remove and the dams can be drained and stored for reuse.

We have developed a special Aqua Dam for flood control that is 3 ft (0.9m) high. This special size can be manufactured very quickly to meet your requirements once a flood is predicted. These 3 ft (0.9m) dams can hold back 28" (0.7m) of flood water. Since it is estimated that 75% of flood damage is caused by less than 12" (300 mm) of water these dams can be used very effectively. For best results Aqua Dams should be used where a reliable prediction of the flood crest is available.

Layfield carries some stock of Aqua Dams for flood control in special convertible crates or in rapid response trailers. The crates are easy to ship and store and convert to a handy stand that can be used to start a line of Aqua Dams. Once the flood is over the crates convert back into storage boxes and the Aqua Dams can be packaged for the next event. The rapid response trailers are set up with everything needed to deploy Aqua Dams in a flood situation. Details of the trailers are available from your Layfield representative.

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