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Wicking Fabric H2Ri


Short Description of the ImageWicking Fabric H2Ri is a high strength woven geotextile with an ultimate tensile strength of 78.8 KN/m in both directions and unique water wicking capabilities. H2Ri integrates the properties of wicking capability, reinforcement strength, separation and filtration, soil and base course interaction and high durability. H2RI is a unique double layer product that provides excellent separation and superior filtration and drainage. Applications include roadway subgrade stabilization, base course reinforcement, runway and railway construction, reducing frost heave/frost boils, embankment stabilization on soft soils, reinforcement for mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls and bridging of voids . It may also be used for geomembrane liner support, reinforcement over soft sludge ponds and other environmental applications. H2Ri has superior durability for damage resistance in moderate to severe stress installations. Wicking Fabric H2Ri has very unique water wicking capabilities to improve the performance of the project installation. H2Ri is tested in accordance with ASTM C1559 (modified) and specifications are provided for wet front movement in inches over time for vertical and horizontal directions.

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