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Erosion Control Blankets - ECBs


Layfield's Erosion Control Blankets (ECB's) are Rolled Erosion Control Products (RECP's) made from straw, both straw and coconut (coir) or coconut fibres which are bound together with photodegradeable or UV stablized polypropylene netting.

ECBs are a cost effective means of establishing vegetation where steep slopes or high erosion conditions exist. Once the vegetative cover is established, the ECB bio-degrades into mulch.

The ECB creates an excellent micro-climate for the propagation of seeds, while protecting the open soil from direct erosion from rain, wind, and water flow. The ECB is placed after soil preparation and seeding by unrolling over the area and stapling to the ground. Both 6 inch (150 mm) and 8 inch (200 mm) long staples are available from Layfield. 

Layfield ECB's are typically for short term (12 months) or extended term use (24 months). For long term or permanent applications (> 36 months), please refer to our Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMS's).

Stock rolls sizes are 7.5 feet X 120 feet (2.29 m X 36.6 m), but other sizes are available.

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