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Bio Engineering


This is different from "hard" engineering solutions which may often have detrimental side effects. For example, in a stream bed a concrete revetment on one shoreline can cause the flowing water to "reflect" to the opposite shore causing erosion. Soft engineering solutions absorb water flow energy and can help to prevent detrimental side effects from erosion protection works. The use of vegetation provides other advantages over conventional hard armour. Vegetation naturally filters the water that flows through it, removing silt and sediment that otherwise would be carried downstream. The root system provides a pathway for water to infiltrate the soil, replenishing the ground water. Layfield provides a number of bio-engineering products for your unique project. Bio-engineering products are mostly made with coconut fibres (also called coir fibre). Coconut fibres are long-lasting natural products that can provide reinforcement until larger species of vegetation can develop. While erosion control blanket’s (ECB’s) are used to promote the growth of grasses, bio-engineering solutions are used to hold the soils in place until the growth of trees and shrubs can permanently stabilize the area.

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