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Floating Silt Curtain


Layfield's standard FSC design will prevent particulate materials from leaving the immediate area of construction or earth works. A sturdy FSC filter fabric will protect aquatic environments, and protect you from costly environmental clean up work and liability from environmental damage.

Layfield's standard FSC units are available in nominal heights of 7ft, 13 ft and 19 ft (2.1m, 4.0m, 5.8m) but custom curtains can be made to accommodate any water depth. The standard FSC body is constructed of Typar 3401 filter fabric, a strong, high filtration material exclusive to Layfield. The float and bottom sleeve of the FSC are wrapped with UV stable, high strength RPE materials for durability.

While the standard FSC sections are constructed with international orange fabric around the float and visible above the waterline, custom colours are available. In applications where safe work requires the curtain to be highly visible above the waterline, contact Layfield to discuss the use of alternative colours.

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