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Arctic Liner


Arctic Liner - Victor Diamond Arctic Liner Arctic Liner - Victor Diamond PadArctic Liner® is a highly flexible geomembrane with advanced chemical resistance. It is formulated specifically for winter installation in harsh environments like the Arctic. The Arctic Liner® formulation is easily solvent bondable during periods of warm weather, making repairs an easy task even in isolated areas. This proprietary oil resistant alloy is well suited to secondary containment of combustible liquids and some fuels. Arctic Liner® is also excellent for soil remediation work and for separation of soils at contaminated sites.

Arctic Liner® is often used for the secondary containment of industrial chemicals as well. Generally a short immersion test with Layfield's Field Chemical Testing Kit will show if Arctic Liner is compatible with a given chemical. Arctic Liner® is excellent for the containment of combustible liquids and many oilfield chemicals.

The name Arctic Liner® refers to the material’s ease of installation in remote sites (such as the Canadian Arctic). Arctic Liner® installation and repair can be described to local contractors with a minimum of training, often over the phone, so that installation and repairs can be carried out anywhere.

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