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Beehive Cover


Layfield's Insulated Beehive Covers are manufactured from UV stabilized, high strength, impermeable reinforced polyethylene (RPE) encapsulating a 3-ply closed-cell polyethylene foam. Our covers provide an effective insulation value to minimize rapid temperature fluctuations and wind chill effects on hives. Designed for four hive stacking (4 pack), our standard 81" x 81" Insulated Beehive Covers come with durable double-stitched hems and 1/2" brass spur grommets at each corner. Customized design capabilities are also available to accommodate specific material or dimensional requirements. Protect your investment today by using Layfield Insulated Beehive covers to prepare your hives for the harsh winter months ahead.
Below are some of the benefits of using a Layfield fabricated beehive cover:
  • Eliminates rapid temperature fluctuation
  • Minimizes wind chill effects
  • One-piece design facilities quick, easy installation
  • UV stabilized for long-term outdoor exposure
  • Closed-cell foam will not absorb moisture
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