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Maintaining turf hardiness and preventing wind desiccation is a major challenge confronting golf course superintendents in colder climates throughout North America. In addition to these two issues another major issue is build up of soil gases underneath these covers. Warm temperatures in the middle of winter causes snow cover to melt and create an ideal situation for ice build up over and on the perimeter of the greens. The ice build up on the edges is a huge concern as it may seal the entire perimeter of the covers and restrict the movement of gases beneath the covers; a potential threat to greens because of lack of oxygen or anoxia.

Layfield Winter Turf covers protect the turf from frost and freezing temperatures along with minimizing plant dessication from strong winds. Our covers help to stabilize soil temperature fluctuations, thereby maintaining turf hardiness levels and enhancing early spring germination by preventing premature plant crown moisture level increases. Our Winter Turf Cover has been tested and proven to provide exceptional insulation value to maintain superior plant hardiness levels of the protected turf. In addition, our TurfPro and TurfPro single-ply covers have been utilized in colder climates of North America as effective winter and spring turf protection products. Our Layfield Winter Turf Cover (impermeable) and Winter Turf Cover (permeable) covers are manufactured from strong, high performance polymers. One-piece construction allows for quick installation and removal of the covers to minimize labor and time commitments. Industrial grade steel spikes or staples are available for secure anchoring of the selected cover system.

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