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Roll Stocks


Bulk Dispenser Rolls On larger construction and industrial projects, the general contractor often has an immediate requirement for a general storage or enclosure system application. To adequately service these situations, Layfield Plastics stocks a complete product line of WeatherPro™ bulk dispenser rolls manufactured from high strength, lightweight, clear coated RPE®. In the case of Industrial or Petrochemical projects, where stringent fire code and safety requirements prevail, Layfield stocks fire retardant WeatherPro™ bulk dispenser rolls manufactured from FR-RPE®. Roll stock products can also be utilized in ground cover, trench lining, temporary erosion control and soil remediation applications to name a few. The list of uses for this versatile material is endless so let Layfield provide the solutions for your next project.

Light weight RPE® available in the following sizes:


  • 10'x 754'
  • 12.5'x 754'
  • 15'x 754'

Layfield also stocks FR RPE® in 125"x 500' rolls.   


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