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Custom Tarpaulins


Layfield has over 28 years of experience fabricating custom tarpaulins and enclosure systems for customers across North America. From demanding commercial, industrial or petrochemical applications to bridge and tank enclosure projects, Layfield has the materials, design capabilities and fabrication experience to provide cost-effective solutions. For industrial and petrochemical applications, or wherever a potential for fire exposure exists, Layfield provides custom tarpaulins fabricated from Fire Retardant (FR) reinforced polyethylene (RPE®) or polyester reinforced vinyl (PRV) materials to meet specific fire code, work permit or general safety requirements. From a wide selection of materials Layfield can fabricate the custom tarpaulin required for your specific applications. Available materials range from 2 oz./sq.yd. to 12 oz./sq.yd. RPE®'s along with 14 oz./sq.yd. and 19 oz./sq.yd. PRV's. Materials are available in several opaque colors which include silver (grey), black, green, white and blue. Translucent materials, those that allow some degree of light transmission, are available in natural (clear), orange and white colors. Hem styles are extensive with choices including, but not limited to, single and double-fold with or without polyester rope enclosed, tube pockets and scalloped pipe pockets. The majority of hem types are sewn closed with a nylon thread double-stitch while the minority are heat sealed. When attachment mechanisms are requested brass spur grommets, with 1/2" opening, are installed based on customer specific spacing requirements.

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