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WeatherPRO - Tension Enclosure System


Scaffolding & Cable Supported Enclosure –Tension Enclosure System

A major problem common to all building trades in winter is the inability of the worker to achieve optimum production in cold temperatures.  The heated enclosure technique is the best way to solve many cold weather problems; it is also the best answer to improving worker efficiency in areas where severe weather conditions prevail.

Another major problem caused by the freezing of water, affects a more limited number of trades using "wet" processes such as trades working with masonry, concrete and plaster. Provision of a heated enclosure continues to be the best method of avoiding the problems encountered during cold weather construction.

These systems are designed to attach to standard 7’ & 10’ scaffolding frames. One example of this type of enclosure is the TENSION ENCLOSURE SYSTEM (T.E.S.) that is constructed with interlocking male / female flaps & aligned grommets to allow for weather tight multiple panel connections. Tarps are connected together and to the scaffold through the grommets with toggle pins (EC 102) and straps (EC 104).

 Enclosures must be anchored so all load points are evenly distributed.  They should be installed using the same precautions that apply to all aspects of a project.  Generally, enclosure systems are sold to Scaffolding Companies who “engineer” the entire scaffold and enclosure system.  The tarps come in 7 & 10’ widths and 20 & 30’ lengths.  Custom lengths and custom tarp bodies like debris netting and FR rated RPE’s are available.

The (T.E.S.) enclosure system tarps can also be erected without scaffolding.  This is done by anchoring the tarps to tensioned 5/16” cable supports using a special connector called the EC 101, as shown below.  The T.E.S. conforms precisely to the shape of the structure with connection points engineered to uniformly distribute the wind load.  The interlocking modular panels form an integral weather seal, which also maximizes heat retention.

Our T.E.S tarps are available with a flame retardant grade material (RPE 15 FR) that  meets the NFPA 701 (L) scale test method and passes the CAN/ULC S-109 test.

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