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XR-5® has been utilized for secondary containment for more than 30 years. XR-5® combines good resistance to combustible liquids (hydrocarbons) with a high performance polyester base fabric. XR-5® is widely used as an exposed lining material, with outstanding long-term resistance to UV radiation. Exposed applications in equatorial climates often utilize XR-5® to combat extreme UV exposures.

XR-5® is flexible at temperatures above freezing, and is easy to install and repair, even in remote location. Installation and repair instructions can be described to local contractors for efficient response to the client's containment needs. XR-5® is not normally used for installation in cold temperature. When cold weather installation is required two other materials are recommended. 8218 LTA and 8228 OR LTA are excellent low temperature materials, remaining flexible and durable for cold temperature installation and service. The 8218 LTA material is used for water and drilling mud containment while the 8228 OR LTA is used when hydrocarbon resistance is required.

XR-3® is a polymer alloy that is more economical than XR-5® but shares many of its physical properties. XR-3® is used in less chemically demanding applications when the chemical resistance of XR-5® is not required. XR-3® carries the NSF 61 certification for potable water applications.

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