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Maintenance: Containment Systems


The geomembrane under this pipe rack needed extensive repairs. Leak location services can accurately find discontinuities in ponds as part of installation QC or ongoing maintenance. In a geomembrane-lined containment facility there are a number of problems that may be pre-empted by good maintenance. The most important aspect is compliance. Many regulatory agencies require regular monitoring of ponds and containments in order to determine compliance with environmental standards. Layfield can provide contract maintenance services as part of your environmental monitoring plan.

Geomembranes are often relied upon to provide the majority of environmental protection at a facility, however they usually receive little maintenance. Layfield’s specially trained technicians can locate defects that may occur in the geomembrane and restore your environmental protection.

There are a number of problems that can occur in a containment area. The most common damage to liners is mechanical damage. Mechanical damage can occur due to movement of ice, acts of vandalism, or due to day-to-day operations within the facility. Mechanical damage is most common in exposed pond liners however backfilled geomembranes can be damaged as well. Layfield’s technicians can spot the tell-tale signs of mechanical damage and make repairs.

In exposed ponds in cold climates there is also an issue of slack management. Slack is required for the prevention of damage at low temperatures, however slack wrinkles can run together. If too many slack wrinkles run together the liner may fold over upon itself and be damaged. Layfield can inspect exposed pond liners and redistribute, add, or remove slack as required.

Layfield performs three types of inspection for geomembrane-lined containments; visual inspection, electrical leak location surveys, and physical liner evaluations.

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