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Leak Location


Electrical leak location methods are available to find defects in completed ponds. The Electrical Leak Location method is a very sensitive technique that accurately locates leaks (if they exist) in geomembrane liners in landfills or impoundments. This field-proven method has located many leaks not previously found using conventional methods.

Layfield supplies Leak Location surveys across Canada and parts of the USA. Leak location surveys are effective for both exposed and backfilled geo-membranes. The Electrical Leak Location method works on all polymeric geomembranes used singley or in combination with GCL’s or compacted clay liners. The method is not effective on GCL’s or compacted clay liners that do not include a geomembrane.

Once you detect leakage in a sump or a monitoring well localizing and repairing the leak can be a difficult proposition. The Electrical Leak Location method is the fastest and most accurate technique available to pin-point leakage.

Since Layfield installs all lining material types, we can fix the leaks we find. The Electrical Leak Location method and Layfield combine to provide the most effective repairs for any lining material.

Although geomembrane liners are a low maintenance option, they still should have a defined maintenance program. Layfield can design a periodic maintenance program for your lining system that can include regular leak surveys. A maintenance program that uses the powerful tool of a Electrical leak location survey can clearly demonstrate your environmental compliance.

Layfield service group can assist you in developing a repair, maintenance, or installation plan, using the Electrical Leak Location method.

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