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Spray Applied


Spray applied geomembrane materials are your first choice when complex detail work is required. This commonly occurs in retrofits of existing secondary containment tank farm liners and in primary tank relinings. Spray applied geomembranes encapsulate details with a seamless liquid barrier. In areas where multiple pipes need to penetrate the liner, a spray applied material may be your only option.

Spray applied geomembranes have excellent chemical resistance. They can be formulated to resist many difficult chemicals, often at a high service temperature. Spray applied geomembranes can be modified for many types of service including UV resistance, chemical resistance, hardness, flexibility, or texture.

Since Layfield provides both spray applied and sheet type liners we have developed proprietary methods for adhering spray applied and sheet type materials together to provide an economical containment system. We can combine the economics of sheet liner materials with the detail encapsulation capabilities of a spray applied material to provide an effective containment system for almost any application.

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