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Steel Containment Berms


The E-Berm engineered steel containment dike system is a modular system which adds a new dimension to environmental protection. The E-Berm system can be supplied as a self-supporting system in applications where ground disturbance is an issue. Our modular design can be configured to many different shapes and is well suited for space restricted installations. These designs include round and oblong systems.

The best part about this dike system is that it was designed to use the complete line of Layfield secondary containment lining materials. Layfield lining materials can be easily mechanically attached at either the base or top of the containment system. Contact us for further details on an engineered steel containment system for your next project.

Steel dike systems have also been used for primary containment. Wherever a shallow, open-topped container is required a steel dike can be used to create the container. Using top mounted liners, we have created a number of open-topped containers for potable water storage, drilling mud, and for glycol recovery at airports.

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