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WeatherPRO - W.E.S. Enclosure System



A major problem common to all building trades in winter is the inability of the worker to achieve optimum production in cold temperatures.  The heated enclosure technique is the best way to solve many cold weather problems; it is also the best answer to improving worker efficiency in areas where severe weather conditions prevail.

Another major problem caused by the freezing of water, affects a more limited number of trades using “wet” processes such as trades working with masonry, concrete and plaster.  Provision of a heated enclosure continues to be the best method of avoiding the problems encountered during cold weather construction.


This enclosure system incorporates the use of tarps and a track profile that is attached to standard scaffolding frames.  The tarps are manufactured from translucent RPE 7’ & 10’ wide to accommodate standard scaffold widths.  The tarps have a ½” diameter rope heat welded into the edge that slide into the track profile.  This provides a complete seal minimizing wind action on the tarps.

This system is designed to fit standard frames, tube & clamp, system & patent scaffold.  The track profiles special shape fits “rosettes”.   The track profiles are engineered to attach using standard 14 gauge wire ties.

Track Profiles can be used vertically or horizontally to maximize adaptability.  Like the T.E.S. system, the W.E.S. tarps come in both 20' & 30’ lengths.  The tarps also come in master rolls 250’ long.  W.E.S. versatility is further enhanced with the ability to offer standard, heavy duty and FR rated RPE’s.  

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