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Short Term Floating Covers


This Enviro Liner floating cover was used to prevent rainwater from getting into a treatment pond at a soil remediation site. Rainwater would have increased the amount of water to be treated.

A short term floating cover is an inexpensive way to prevent evaporation or dilution and to control odors in ponds. Short term covers are ideal for start-up ponds or water treatment facilities that are of a temporary nature. The floating cover is placed as a flat sheet on the pond with limited details. Short term floating covers are normally assembled in a staging area beside the pond and then floated over the pond in one piece.

A good example of using a short term floating cover is to prevent precipitation from getting into a waste water treatment pond at a soil remediation site. In a soil remediation application the amount of water to be treated has a direct effect on overall costs. By putting a cover over the waste water treatment pond rain water can be pumped away without incurring additional treatment costs.

Another good example of a short term cover is the cleanout of a pipeline. Although there is usually a pond available to contain the pipeline cleanout liquids there can also be a strong odor associated with the cleanout. When the operation is done near a residential area it can be effective to cover the pond with a cover to reduce odors during the cleanout.

Short term floating covers are often provided for dilution control, odor control, and evaporation control. By using covers with less detail and lighter materials we can provide low cost covers for most applications.  


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