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Permeable Floating Covers


A permeable floating cover can help achieve two goals in the storage of liquid manure; reduction of odors, and reduction of liquid. In certain areas the climate is such that there is a net loss of liquid from a containment pond. In these climate areas the typical practice has been to allow evaporation to reduce the volume of liquid in manure containments. This reduces the amount of manure that has to be handled. Unfortunately leaving the pond open to promote evaporation also promotes the production of odors.

Various methods have been used in the past to try and prevent odors in manure ponds while promoting evaporation. The most common method it to use a chopped-straw cover. The chopped straw covers the bulk of the manure surface to help control odor while promoting evaporation through the permeable straw. Chopped straw needs to be replaced every year and the straw adds to the solids volume of the pond contents.

Layfield provides a permeable floating cover material that covers the surface of the pond to reduce odors, while allowing some evaporation to take place. Permeable covers can be quite a bit less expensive that standard impermeable covers and can be used for many years.

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