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REVOC Floating Tank Covers


This defined sump floating tank cover was used to keep dust and debris out of this steel drinking water storage tank. In this dome cover test a 14 ft diameter EPDM cover was inflated over 12 ft high. This cover started out as a flat sheet. Floating tank covers are used on open topped tanks where a structural cover would be too expensive. Floating tank covers are made with flexible geomembrane materials made to stand up to sunlight and the many chemicals found in tanks.

Layfield provides a number of types of floating covers for tanks. Our REVOC Tensioned Cover is ideal for tank covers. The tensioned cables take up the slack in the cover as the tank liquid level changes. A fold around the outside perimeter of the cover is created by the REVOC Tensioned Cover system which allows the cover to move up and down.

The other popular type of floating cover that can be used on tanks is the REVOC Defined Sump Cover style. In this style of cover floats and weights are attached to the cover to create folds where rainwater can be collected. REVOC Defined Sump Covers collect rainwater into sumps which can then be pumped off the cover.

Dome type tank covers are a growing use for rubber cover materials in digester tanks. In this design a rubber membrane is placed on a structural deck and the cover attached to the perimeter. The membrane then inflates under the pressure of biogas that is generated in the tank.

Since each tank cover can be unique we encourage you to contact your representative to discuss the options available. Please provide a detailed drawing of your tank showing all fittings and supports within the tank; and, especially the detail at the top edge of the tank. Often we need to attach the cover to the top of the tank and this top edge detail is very important.

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