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REVOC Defined Sump Floating Covers


Here we can see the detail of the floats and weights being installed. Each sump consists of a line of weights bracketed by two lines of floats. As the water level rises you can see the sumps forming between the floats. This small floating cover in Middleton Nova Scotia was a retrofit of an existing open-topped reservoir. Reductions in chlorine use led to a rapid payback. REVOC Defined Sump Covers use floats and weights to create rainwater collection sumps in the cover and to accomodate changes in water level. The REVOC Defined Sump system is very versatile and is ideal for larger floating cover applications. A defined sump system can be fairly simple, or can be exceptionally complex depending on site conditions. REVOC Defined Sump Covers are used for all floating cover applications including potable water storage, odor control, evaporation control and contamination/dilution protection.

A REVOC Defined Sump Cover cover can be used in any floating cover application, but is almost always indicated when the pond becomes very large, or is an irregular shape. The REVOC Defined Sump Cover is the most versatile cover system and can be adapted to almost any application.

Layfield provides cleaning and maintenance services for all types of floating covers but especially potable water covers. We can perform scheduled maintenance on potable water covers which may include cleaning, repair, disinfection, and maintenance of pumps and equipment. We also provide divers for under-cover inspections and maintenance.

Layfield's REVOC Defined Sump Cover designs, installation techniques, and inspection/maintenance protocols fully meet the requirements of local regulations, such as the AWWA D130 and M25 Lining and Floating Cover Guidelines and AWWA California-Nevada Reservoir Floating Cover Guidelines.

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