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High Temp


Normally the service temperature of a geomembrane is the ambient temperature of the containment. In certain specialized applications the service temperature can be much higher. The longevity of geomembrane materials can be challenged by higher temperatures. Layfield has developed a selection of geomembrane materials that are specifically designed to combat the effects of elevated thermal stress. High temperature resistant geomembranes are specially formulated to resist the degradation that can be brought about by heat. Heat accelerates the natural ageing process of a polymer and can reduce the expected service life. For high temperature resistant geomembranes we choose polymers that are inherently resistant to high temperatures and then use heat stabilizers and polymer blends that resist the attack of high temperatures. By carefully blending the right polymers with the right additives we can resist high service temperatures in certain selected applications.

As part of Layfield's HAZGARD series of secondary containment geomembranes, the HAZGARD 5000 HT provides a combination of strong physical material strengths with excellent chemical resistance and high thermo properties.  HAZGARD 5000 HT is designed for both high termperature secondary containment applications as well as standard secondary containment applications for various hydrocarbons and chemicals. 

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