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Debris Netting


Layfield's Debris Netting is a lightweight, HDPE netting designed to protect workers and pedestrians walking near the base of scaffolding. Debris netting is an economical alternative to other enclosure systems when it is not necessary to completely isolate the work area from inclement weather. Layfield's debris netting comes in rolls 3m (10') wide by 50 m (164') long, and is available in black, green, or blue colours. Custom colours are also possible on large orders.

Layfield's debris netting has a 35% mesh density, and is surprisingly strong and resilient for a lightweight (135 g/m2, 0.028 lb/ft2) netting. Debris netting allows most of the wind to pass right through, so excessive wind loads on the netting attachements, or on the scaffold itself are avoided. Debris netting will protect workers from a portion of a light rainfall, but is primarily designed to direct debris downward and prevent it from landing a distance from the scaffold. Layfield's Debris Netting is fire retardant, and passes the NFPA 701 method 2 test.

Debris Netting is not designed to stop debris from falling, and is not a fall protection for workers.

Whether you attach Layfield's Debris Netting to a structure directly with wire or plastic ties, or you use a fabricated Debris Netting with a rope hem in combination with Layfield's WeatherPro extrusion profile, you will find this netting product is easy to use and provides peace of mind in your critical construction project.

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