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Geoflex in potable water tank

GeoFlex geomebranes are your new solution for highly flexible lining materials. The unsupported styles of GeoFlex are some of the most flexible materials available for use as a geomembrane, making detail work such as attaching to structures, building tanks, or creating corners an easy task. 

In addition to flexibility GeoFlex has outstanding resistance to low temperatures. GeoFlex geomembranes are your clear choice for water and water based effluent storage. Layfield's GeoFlex is manufactured at our facility in Vancouver BC. Layfield's GeoFlex is a unique blend of virgin polymers and additives that have been optimized to deliver flexibility. Layfield's registered quality management system ensures that your GeoFlex geomembrane will consistently meet our specified properties, and perform to the highest industry standards.

We are pleased to inform that our GeoFlex geomembrane is now NSF certified. The listing details can be found on NSF website under "Drinking Water System Components".

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