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REVOC Insulated Covers


The Layfield REVOC Modular Insulated Cover system was designed to meet the needs of effluent and water treatment lagoons where steps were required to retain heat in the system during cold periods. Layfield has several years of experience in the professional design, fabrication and installation of REVOC Insulated Cover systems. Our unique cover design is ideal for meeting your requirements based on a design/build relationship, including the approval of a Professional Engineer when desired.

The REVOC Insulated Cover system design retains heat in the system when the ambient temperature falls below the lagoon temperature. Retained heat assists with the biological degradation of waste materials and will minimize thermal shock of effluents added to the lagoon. Thermal shock of fresh effluent can result in dissolved materials falling out of solution and collecting at the bottom of the lagoon. Common applications include modular cover systems for waste water, lagoons and tank systems.  The Layfield REVOC Insulated Cover can also be used for shielding waste water and effluent lagoons from sunlight and preventing algae blooms. REVOC Insulated Covers also reduce odors by reducing evaporation of volatile compounds from the lagoon.   REVOC Insulated Cover systems can be designed to provide insulation values from R8 to R20.

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