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Secondary containment geomembranes need to be tough and flexible for installation in any condition. Layfield's HAZGARD® line of geomembranes are designed to address all secondary containment applications.

HAZGARD® 5000 HT is the newest addition to the HAZGARD® brand. HAZGARD® 5000 HT is a very high strength material with tensile strengths in excess of any other standard geomembrane product. In addition, the HAZGARD® 5000 HT has a chemically resistant coating that resists hydrocarbons and many common and unique chemicals. HAZGARD® 5000 HT is also designed for both high temperature and secondary containment applications. Please see our Geomembrane - High Temp section for more information on high temperature secondary containments.

Since 1989 Layfield has been effectively using HAZGARD® 100 & 250 for many secondary containment applications. The unsupported HAZGARD® 100 is ideal for small secondary containments, hydrocarbon vapor liners under buildings, soil remediation pads, and cut-off curtains to stop the movement of underground hydrocarbon contaminants. HAZGARD® 250 is a fabric supported material with the same coating as the HAZGARD® 100. The supported version is ideal for suspending curtains in deep vertical trenches for underground cut-off curtains, for larger secondary containments, and for applications where the strength of the material will protect it during installation. Both HAZGARD® 100 and 250 can be easily solvent bonded and are ideal for installation by contractors and owners.

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