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REVOC Biogas Collection Covers


Layfield has developed a new REVOC Biogas Collection cover that uses prefabricated cover weights and a new, fabric-supported polyolefin material. This new cover is ideal for biogas collection uses in both agriculture and industrial applications.

Layfield's REVOC Biogas Collection cover is factory prefabricated with preinstalled weight tubes. By adding the weight tubes in the factory we limit field work and avoid the problems caused by strap-attached weight tubes. Prefabricated panels also speed installation and make installation on full ponds much easier. Our cover is designed to be installed on full ponds making retrofits much easier.

Layfield can also provide biogas collection covers made with other materials. On larger projects we can provide field fabricated biogas collection covers out of any material specified.

Layfield can provide design assistance for REVOC Biogas Collection covers. We can assist with material selection, design details, and on selected project can provide full designs. Layfield can also provide design-build and general contract services on specific projects.


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