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Enviro Liner 5000


The Enviro Liner® 5000 series is a specialized polyethylene lining material that combines flexibility, UV stability, and chemical resistance. The Enviro Liner® 5000 series is designed for secondary containment in oilfield applications. Enviro Liner® 5000 is highly flexible which allows it to be prefabricated (welded, folded and rolled) so that many jobs can be lined using a one-piece liner.

The Enviro Liner® 5000 series is manufactured by Layfield. Each step in the production of your liner panel, from the geomembrane production, to fabrication into a custom panel, is governed and directed by Layfield's registered quality management system. The resulting process is professionally designed to ensure your geomembrane meets specified properties, and performs to the highest possible standards in the field.

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