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WeatherPRO XTREME is a string reinforced fabric enclosure system using special elasticized shock cords to attach to the structure (scaffold). Reinforcing bands are laminated to the base fabric to provide increased resistance to pull-out and are pre-punched to allow easy penetration of the attachement ties through the plastic sheeting.  For a single-bay scaffold enclosure design, a 7' 4" x 136' sheet is available with reinforcement strips along each edge and one through the center. For a double bay design, a 14.5' x 100' sheet is used with five reinforcement strips. The longitudinal spacing between eyelets in the sheeting is 4" and the distance between bands is 3.5'.  The purpose built shock cord attachment tie consists of an elasticized rope with two plastic ends.  One end has a sharpened toggle to easily penetrate the plastic sheet, and the other is a hook to complete the connection of the sheeting to the scaffold structure.

Layfield's line of WeatherPRO Enclosure products include the modular tarp T.E.S. System that has been used for over 20 years and our W.E.S. System that incorporates tarps and a profile track system. The newest member of the WeatherPRO product line is the multipurpose XTREME (WPX)

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