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Geoblock Vegetated Permeable Paving


The Geoblock® vegetated permeable paving system is made from reprocessed plastics and provides a series of interlocking blocks which is ideal for use in high traffic areas where natural vegetation is desired. When aesthetics rival cost as the most important factor for your project Geoblock® porous vegetated pavement provides dependable and cost effective protection of turf and load support. The Geoblock® cell is partially filled with soil and then seeded with grass. The plastic cell walls carry the traffic loads while protecting the grass from damage or soil compaction. Geoblock® is ideal for use for vegetated fire lanes, golf course pathways, auxiliary parking lots and trails in recreational areas. Geoblock® qualifies for LEED points by creating a vegetated paving solution and through the use of reprocessed materials. Geoblock® is normally used for vegetated paving solutions; when a gravel filled solution is needed then we recommend using our Geopave® product.

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