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StormChamber Arch System


Stormchamber is an underground arch system that provides high strength storm water storage.

StormChamber is a solution for storm water retention, detention, recharge and re-use which reduces the impact of storm water on public systems and reduces flooding. StormChamber is an underground system that consists of open bottom corrugated arch shaped units The system may be used under paved or unpaved areas and areas of high backfill up to 7.6 metres high (25 feet) over the units. StormChamber is capable of supporting loads up to 1149 kpa (24,000 pounds per square foot) which is three times the AASHTO H-20 Wheel Load Rating.. The StormChambers may also be installed in a two layered configuration with the top layer placed at right angles to the lower layer. In a two layered configuration, the minimum clearance between the top of the lower StormChamber and bottom of the upper units is 305 mm (12 inches). Each chamber is formed from high molecular weight /high density polyethylene. The SedimenTrap component is also available as part of the system for deposit, inspection, and removal of sediments.

The typical dimensions of each modular section are 2.59 meters (8.5 feet) long, 1.524 meters wide and 0.865 meters (34 inches) high. Lightweight stabilization netting is also supplied for under all StormChambers and heavyweight stabilization netting is supplied under flow receiving chambers. Adjacent rows of StormChamber are set a minimum 0.23 meters (9 inches) apart and connected together with piping. StormChamber SedimenTrap are installed at the beginning and end of the rows receiving flow.

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