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EnviroSlope Wire Mesh Face


EnviroSlopeTM is a vegetated mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) system that incorporates planar reinforcing elements (typically geogrids) in constructing sloped earth structures with face inclinations of less than 70 degrees. The facing material for this option is wire mesh panel forms fabricated with a slope or stepped back as required to create the slope specified by the client. The zone next to the inside front face of the facing is filled with seeded topsoil during construction for vegetation growth. The geogrid soil reinforcement is delivered to site in rolls and cut to length on site to suit the design length requirements.
The dimensions of the panel section are nominally 450 mm X 450 mm X 3000 mm or 1.35 square metres per panel front face area measured on the slope. Turf reinforcement mats (TRM's) are placed against the steel mesh on the backfill side to help retain the backfill until vegetation is established. Wire struts with hooks are attached from the top to the rear back end of the forms to maintain alignment of the facing.
Reinforced slope structures are usually constructed in areas to save space. Typically the structure delivers advantages in right of way and reduced space that could not be achieved with the slope of an unreinforced embankment. Applications include highway embankment construction, landslide repair, space savings in commercial building sites, industrial applications, decreased bridge spans, temporary road widening for detours, embankment construction with fine grained soils, permanent levees, reduced embankment footprint in sensitive areas (e.g. parks), arch culvert end treatments, and residential steepened slope structures.

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