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Secondary Containment

Secondary Containment Markets

Layfield has been a specialist in secondary containment liners for over 20 years. We regularly provide liners for oilfield and commercial secondary containments and are especially skilled at installations in refineries, petro chemical facilities, terminals, and gas plants. We have developed a full range of secondary containment liners for all types of chemical and fuel containments. Our commitment to environmental protection is evident in each of the 3,000 secondary containments we build each year.


Our featured product for secondary containment is our HAZGARD 535 liner material that meets the requirements for secondary containment in the Canadian National Fire Code. This fire retardant, chemically resistant material is ideal of most fuel containments and can be installed in extremes of temperature. HAZGARD 535 can be prefabricated to size and delivered to site in one piece eliminating the need for field seams in small containments. HAZGARD 535 is one of the many specialty geomembranes available from Layfield for secondary containment. For secondary containment of unknown chemicals or mixtures of chemicals ask about our field chem test kit. This kit allows us to evaluate most chemicals with a variety of geomembranes to find the right match for your application.

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